Its Now Easier than Ever to Become a Licensed Texas Real Estate Sales Agent


If you wish to begin your career as a real estate sales agent, you need to carry a Texas real estate agent license.  For that, you need to meet the licensing requirements prescribed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

The process of obtaining the salesperson license is as follows:

  • Attend the classes required to pass the relevant real estate courses.
  • Give your fingerprints for a background check.
  • Apply to the commission for an inactive real estate agent license.
  • Schedule the real estate license exam.
  • After you have passed the exam, you will receive an inactive real estate sales agent license.
  • Finally, you will get an active real estate sales agent license once your performance is endorsed by your sponsoring real estate broker.

Let us look into each point in detail:

First, you need to apply for an inactive real estate sales agent license to the commission. Once you apply for the license, you have one year to complete all the necessary steps, which include fingerprints submission, background check, and meeting the educational requirements i.e. completing 180 classroom hours.

Once you are done with this, you are required to schedule the exam. All of these steps are mandatory in order to take exam. If you fail in any step, you need to resubmit your application to the commission, which is very expensive.

All the applicants must give their fingerprints to the FBI via the Texas Department of Public Safety. This will allow the commission to conduct a criminal background check and give clearance that allows licensing. This process of conducting a background check is done by MorphoTrust USA.

  • Every applicant should complete a minimum of 180 classroom hours on the specified qualifying coursework.
  • The coursework includes learning the principles of real estate I & II, law of agency, law of contracts, promulgated contract forms and real estate finance.
  • Once the coursework is completed, applicants are eligible to take the exam.

If the commission accepts the application, the applicant is authorized to take the exam. Therefore, the applicant can approach the test provider (Pearson VUE) to schedule the exam. Pearson conducts the exam in 18 cities in Texas. The cost of scheduling the examination at this site is $54.

Applicants also need to submit a moral character determination form along with their inactive sales agent license application to the commission in order to take the exam. This helps to keep a clear record of accomplishment.

Once the exam is scheduled, candidates can take the test. After passing the exam, the applicant receives an inactive real estate sales agent license from the commission.

Finally, the applicant needs to find a sponsoring real estate broker. With the help of the sponsoring broker, the applicant can apply for an active real estate sales agent license by submitting a Sales Agent Sponsorship Form to the commission.

If the application is accepted, the commission will issue an active real estate sales agent license entitling the license holder to practice real estate under the sponsorship of the real estate broker.

The applicant cannot authorize any real estate services until the commission has issued an active license.

There are many organizations which help in all the process of obtaining an active real estate sales agent license. They guide you in the correct way to get the license, saving you time and money.

Get started today in obtaining a real estate sales agent license and begin to have success in your new career.

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