Does Your Manufacturing Business Need Product Liability Coverage?


If your products cause harm to a person or damage to their possessions, you could be liable to pay for any recompense charges.

Product liability can cover those costs on your behalf, helping you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

You might not have manufactured faulty products; you can still be held responsible for any occurrence if you are the seller, and the product has your name on it. Therefore, your manufacturing business really needs product liability.

You must stick to the conditions as to quality control of products in order to be covered by your policy. The exclusions on your policy must be checked to ensure you have covered the best fits for your business. There are some products that actually invite more risks than others, ensure that the level of cover you have is the right one for your business.

The types of liability insurance you may need to consider include:

  • Public liability: This type of policy prevents you and your business against the monetary risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, damage of property or economic loss as a result of slackness.
  • Professional indemnity: This protects advice-based businesses from lawful action taken for losses incurred as a result of negligence; it provides insurance cover if your client suffers a loss.
  • Product liability: Cover against claims of goods causing death, injury, or damage is known as product liability. It covers you if any of these occurred to another business or person by the failure of your product or the product you are selling.

Liability Insurance is necessary to protect the small business owner from possible lawsuits. This insurance may be sold as part of larger insurance packages for business owners. You need to read the liability insurance carefully and any riders or disclaimers that may be added to your insurance policy. This is a general overview of what Liability Insurance covers and does not cover.

Liability Insurance covers injury or damage from the item sold by the business owner.

This item may have been faulty, designed poorly by the manufacturer, or lacked proper and needed warning labels.

Liability Insurance does not cover the following items:

Injury to a worker in your business, even if it is a faulty item or poor design from the manufacturer. Employees are not covered by Liability Insurance.

Damage to your business or vehicle by an item sold by the business. The small business’s fire insurance, car insurance or property insurance should be used to cover your business in this instance.

Recall items are not covered by product liability insurance. As the seller, it is your job as the expert of the products in your business to remove items that have been recalled. Insurance companies also offer withdrawal insurance to cover recalled items.

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